Encouraging Writers

Often times we come across the most interesting stories when we stop to listen to others. While these stories may become great inspiration for our own writing the fact is their story can not be told about their perspective like them. We have a obligation to encourage others to tell their stories in more than a Facebook or Twitter post. To continue the rich tradition of books and novels. To share their experiences, the lessons learned and the richness of life should be a gift everyone has access too.

I find that people may know they have a different backstory but without a little nudge or even a mention, people never consider writing their story. I had one friend recently celebrating 10 years after a crainiotomy surgery. During those years she had children, lead a life of adventure which lead to a life threatening ATV accident that occurred in the middle of her divorce. She’s walked away from all of her trauma with renewed hope in gratitude in the world. She needs to pen her life and the path she’s traveled. Her objection when I suggested writing a book was that there are parts that she wouldn’t be ready to share…never realizing that she doesn’t have to share those parts (though all stories are bettered by the details we aren’t ready to share). He experiences are extraordinary yet only those who know her know her story. So many others could learn from and be inspired if she would publish.


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