Adding SEO to Your Writing

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a conference for Public Relation Professionals about SEO techniques that could be utilized in their writing. As recommended by the SEO experts in Gulfport at Fluxfish.

They recommended first to do keyword research to make sure that there is search volume for the term you want to use. There are many times when a phrase can be slightly altered so that it has better keyword metrics. I recommended using Google Keyword Planner and Semrush to do that keyword research. It was also noted that it is best to utilize more than one tool since none of the tools are perfect at this time.

I also covered the important of relevancy in the URL. This is the first and most important on page SEO tactic to consider. Once a keyword is included in the URL, through the title since it is the least likely factor to change. The title and URL don’t have to match so make sure the URL has your keyword in it regardless of the title.

Next we looked at metadata. All pages need to have metadata to explain to the search engine what the page is about. Using a computer algorithm to ascertain language, semantics, culture etc is far from perfected. Metadata is how we communicate this info to the search engine.

Finally we looked at anchor text. It is so important to make sure your anchor text aren’t random but rather thoughtful and express what your post is relevant for. Again this a major communication tool for Google. It was also stressed to make sure to not over do it and do not keyword stuff with anchor text. This should not be considered as a SEO tactic for ‘power’ but rather to express relevancy.

I enjoyed speaking to the SPRF and the wonderful professionals in public relations. Having the opportunity to learn and share with digital marketing professionals who are communicators and writers is always refreshing.